Artisan Bath & Body products infused with Wildcrafted Sea Moss. 

Welcome to Nygee's Naturalz!

Where luxury meets skincare. We offer a variety of items from shower steamers to emulsified scrubs! let us help you accomplish your inner glow!

We're a family-run business providing luxurious handcrafted artisan Bath, Body & Haircare products made with natural, clean, sustainable ingredients. One of our star ingredients is Wildcrafted Sea Moss, AKA Irish moss. Its know as a superfood that has 92 minerals out of 102 the human body needs. Making it very beneficial to be used internally and externally. Sea moss is full of skin-loving properties like sulfur, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium. They all possess benefits that can help soothe and heal skin issues

We have a variety of products for all skin types and needs. Furry family members? No worries! We got them covered as well! Check out our exclusive dog products with something in mind for the whole family! We are pleased to announce that Sea Moss gel is now available for purchase along with our delicious Sea Moss Limeade drink it's vegan and alkaline friendly 


Something for Everyone!

Our whipped body butters provide and lock in moisture into the skin.

Shower Steamers help to calm, decongest and relive your sinus and mood. It's very therapeutic, creating an in-home aromatherapy spa experience right in the comfort of own your shower.

We have a variety of emulsified body scrubs featuring salts, sugar, and natural exfoliants. That hep to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. leaving you with soft, smooth, flawless skin

Our Paw balms are infused with herbs that possess many skin-loving properties that help soothe and heal the paws, snout, and skin. It's also preservative-free making it safe for your furry companions!

Check out our in-house-infused Sea Moss & Burdock Root oil. This infusion is packed with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, making it highly beneficial for your hair and body.

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